Updated Aug. 2019 -

Here is a current list of available artwork. Please inquire for pricing. Please contact Kamran at kamransamimi@gmail.com with any questions.

Free delivery within Honolulu can be arranged. Shipping outside Oahu available for an additional cost.





This body of work is focused on the manipulation of small basalt boulders, and shares it's name, Suiseki, with the Japanese tradition of stone appreciation. Interested in revealing the unseen surfaces and textures hidden within, I dissect and reconfigure the stones' slices to create a sense of movement, growth and expansion.  Through my interaction with these stones, they become more like entities and less like rubble.  The resulting objects possess a bold quietness which inspires contemplation and introspection. 

Named after waves, animals, mountains, etc., each sculpture is reminiscent of a piece of the larger natural world.


Basalt and wood, 2017,



Printed in a combination of relief and intaglio techniques. Pieces of basalt stone (lava rock) are run through a traditional printing press. The stone cracks under the tremendous pressure, with each divide and fissure being captured on the paper’s surface.

Prints are unframed, unless otherwise noted. Framing and Matting can be provided for an additional $200-400.
* Artwork with an asterix* before the price is available for sale through Place Hawaii: https://placehawaii.com/kamran-samimi/



These pieces feature a combination of sumi ink, indigo pigment and acrylic paint on paper or canvas.

All works are unframed. Framing and Matting can be provided for an additional $200-400.



Each location in this series has a certain significance to the artist. The process of using their topographic textures to create abstract compositions unearths a spiritual element of these places that otherwise remains hidden.

$350 - Unframed / $530 - Framed. Printed with Archival Pigment, measuring 24”x36.” Each print is signed, dated, and numbered in a limited edition of 50.

Please note - each print includes a white 1.25” border and location text is not included on the print.