2 breakfasts in 2 hours

Today my mom had breakfast all laid out for me when I woke up.  Unfortunately, It was not the sort of sustainance you yearn for when your stomach is screaming for a nice food.

U see? She took all those items and built them into a “smoothie” sensation.  Thing is, u gotta have the capsules with the smoothie to complete the circuit.

Strangely enough, I was actually full after eating all these pills and that green dream smoothie sensation. However, I was left with a real sweet tooth!

Luckily we went to an actual breakfast place about an hour later and I ordered the king’s pancake set!

Boy, those were real nice treats.  Mango, coconutz, blacktop berry spread, mapile syrup and a .5 strawberry ontop!

My mom’s dish was actually pretty deluxe.  Quinoa with veggis and egg white with all kind of items mixed into him. If I didn’t have that sweet tooth, I would’ve been screaming for this dish instead of my king’s kakes!

Mmmm, let me in, king kakes! btw, you can just barely make out my patch of 27 year old grey hairs right above my temple.  It’s rough being an old top. Good thing I lead a life of food-pleasure or I’d have a full head of greys by now!