A fine taste of Delhi in my belly

Kinda for my birhtday, my mom took me to an Indian food buffet in San Marcos called Indian Princess.  I had been here once before and I requested him by name.  You’ll C why…

Here’s his buffet table. It may look slightly cheesy and low budget, but hey, it’s a buffet! Also, they have some very fine oil lanterns on display. Btw, that’s my mom on the right.

Here’s a little close up.  that one sloppy mixed one in the middle was superrr spicy.  Unfortunately, I didn't know until I tried him! However, u can see the vegis korma, which was really fine, as well as the chicken tikka masala in the back, very divine!

Here we go, wheel him in! The Garlic naan was delicate and soft, with a crisp outer shell.  He held my curry and meats perfectly!

Oh there u can see him. I know It looks like a real slop plate, but trust me, it was fine and divine, ma’ boys and girls, fine and divine! That tandoori chicken red was exceptionally tender and flavorful.  Not to mention the curries.

This is all so delicious.  Dancing left and right on my tastebud. But what shall I bite next?

OHHHHHH HELLOO! a gulab jamun ball in a rice pudding! Now we cooking with gas!  mmmm. I kept going back for more of these little capsules.

Uncle Raj had such a kind heart throughout my feast.  He always full of the smile that last a long while. I simply had to feature him, so I invited him to be memorialized for all eternity in pages of my blog.  He happily accepted, so now u can see him!