A Goat and A Turkey 4 Lunch

Nabil and I are stuck indoors, sweating at home all day today. I decided to try and cool us out with a nice treat 4 lunch!

My signature Petite Billy goat cheese, turkey, tomato, lettuce and onion(white, not red) sandwich.  But the magical ingredients in here are the spreads-Mustid seeds plus spicy mustid, and relish. ooohhh boy!

It’s the first time I ever built one of these for him, so Nabil took a small bite to analyze if he liked it or not. welll…

He simply melted for it! I couldn’t stop him from devouring it even if I wanted to!

Needless 2 say, I enjoyed my item with equal pleasure. Nabil built a very nice salad too. It had his freshly grown basils, along with a nice cilantro, lettuce, tomato and beantowns. Very smooth.

Just look at how small my eyes are! That’s how u know i’m in heaven, despite the 100 degrees blazing outside!