A green dream with the fellow Kamz

On our way to Palo Alto, My mom and I made a stopover in the serene and otherworldly Hollywood Hillz for the finest green delights in all of LA, courtesy of the Mohager Brotherz. And boy, were they courteous!

Look at these divine materials! Kale, Spinach, dandelion greenz, apple, banana, carrots, and some other green items.

Kamruz is pumped up and ready 2 juice! proudly showing off two of his favorite ingredients.

As u can see, Kamruz was so serious and deeply focused as he built the juice. Kamyar was very worried and deeply troubled.

At this moment, he decided to pop in for a nicely done kale-ear joke. Touché!

Just look at that green dream concentrate! The foam layer was the most fun part, as you’ll soon see.

Bottoms up to great friendz and great greenz!

None of us could resist the sweet aroma of our greens, so we all dove nose first into our cups, despite the foam layer…

Kamyar’s facial hair wasn’t powerful enough to hold the foam, but Kamruz and I had no trouble at all. (sorry Kamyar but the truth hurts sometimes)

Of course, my facial hair was the most powerful of all.  Look how nicely that green clings to my upper lip!

Although he didn’t devour much, I simply had to feature Little Lennon-boi on here.  He’s actually the finest creature i’ve ever seen outside of Fraggle Rock! Wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks for sharing your greenz, boiz. This devours post will go down in history!