A Real Nice Salad

I know what u thinking “Kamran, U can make a nice dog, and maybe a nice cookie, but U can’t make a nice salad. No way, no how!”  Welll, You’re wrong!

And then U say “Welll, It doesn’t look like U got many supplies 2 work with, Kamran! U must be making a garbage salad!”   Wrong again! Just view this…

Now that’s a real D-lite! Here are ingredients to make U really ache 4 this salad: 

A 15 leaf romaine, a 20 piece cherry tomato, a real fine avocado, no red onion (unfortunately Tyler and Amelia didn’t want him), a cucumber, a can of blackbean, a sauteed mushroom batch, a set of Le Petite Billy goat’s cheese, pinches of oregano and blacktop pepper, and then olivio oils and balsamix. 

Now U must realllllly be dreaming!  I wish I had a sprouts to add in, but ces’t la vie, right? Bon appetit!