A Rooftop Salmin in the Night Hours

I was so excited to devour, I simply couldn’t contain myself!! I had no choice but to place my bowl on my head!!

Nabil built a feast for this night.  However, it was simply 2 hot to devour indoors. We had to take our business to the rooftop!

Boy, what a treat! 

U can see all the items bare as night, so I won’t name them all out manually.

The best thing about the roof is that u can simply recline wherever u wish! mmmm, how nice.

As u can see, I was not alone in my rooftop endeavor.  The fine feast was built by none other than Nabil. He’s the one on the right.

Well well, it’s been a fine night, but now it’s time 4 me 2 sign out! I hope u enjoy my scripts!