BBQ Chicken Delight!

Mmmmm, a secret recipe passed down from generations, our gracious host and chef, Guilda, roasted the finest BBQ chickenz for us! The only hint she gave was of a saffron, but boy, was it a nice piece!

Mmmmm, and she also made her signature salad.  White balsamic dressing is that secret item! but boy, would u take a look at those spring chickenz!!

My friends were so excited to feast out, they couldn’t contain themselves.  Look how crazy they b-came with their hungerz!!! Simply Mad!

Well, I wasted no time.  The chicken was calling my name so I begun my hard work of devour. mmmmmmm!

well, it was desert time and all I can say is, boiz will b boiz!

But I took 2 cookie and built a IC sandwich. boyyyyy was it a pleasure 2 behold!