Best of Both Worldz

Cookiez and Saladz! My my, what a fine food world I live in.

Tonight’s salad featured the usual suspetx plus a bonus tofu and that red onion that I have been craving! Mmmm, a real dance for the tastebud.

Mmmm, I wheel it in by the serving spoon! I just couldn’t wait for the delicate nature of the salad.

But the nice thing is, after saladtime, I had my healths taken care of for the night, so I decided to go mouth-first into the other end of the food spectrum.  But let me tell u, this was the best spectrum I could ever receive….

Sharon’s famous homebuilt cookie! And boy, he was just as good as the other night when we made him!  U simply would not believe the pleasures that sea salt can do!

Oh hello. A full plate just for me? Don’t mind if i do! Welcome to Heaven. All aboard to the heaven cookie xpress..

Thank you