Bountiful Burrito Blast

U know, I’ve been craving a burrito for some time.  But I never can receive one! Idk why, I just never make it to receive one.  But 2day was a great exception.

Mine is the one with guac and other items.  Ha, they both have that look! But boy, that was a nice fresh piece.

Mmmm! Now that’s a delicate piece! And you can see, I got some of my favorite, onion reds.  My boi was packed to the brim with a succulent chicken, bean, rice, lettis, pico de gallows, and guacimolis.  And man, I really love a burrito when it’s a full house. 

That guacamolis was very fresh and elegant. full of cilantro, garlix and a tomato here and there.  Man, I’m dreaming of this food and I haven’t even fallen asleep yet! Take me awayyy!

As u can see, I became a real happy boi 2day from this lovely burrito bounty