Brunch with a friends, the fun never ends!

Today, My boi Nabil organized a great feast for some friends.  It was partially for my birthday tomorrow but mostly just 4 kicks.

As you can see, we had all sorts of fine delicacies here today! Nabil built the quiches and the mix-plate diced potatoes, Sharon built the challah french toast, Sophia and Albert brought the fine pastries, directly from paris, Shaadee and Nima brought the orange, grapefruit juices, along with the chocolate milk and nesquick powderz (not pictured, unfortunately.)

Here are the friends, gathering from miles away to have this beautiful feast.  From L-R, we have Albert, Nabil, Yuan, Nima, Sophia, Shaadee, and sharon.  I simply loveee this photo, don’t you?  Everyone has a sensational devouring face!

And there I am with my humble platter doing what I do best-devours.  If you can’t tell, it’s a quiche i’m engulfing.

Here’s that Nabil with a nice piece of challah french toast.  All he does this summer is surf! But boy, doesn’t he look svelte and tan? 

And here is my hole-in-one shot.  U know, those croissants were actually better than any I had in Paris.  However, my joke-making abilities were much better in Paris.