Burga Dogz from Heaven

Just look at Golden Guilda frying up the burgas! She has the perfect technique. She flips them with style and boy, does she got a smile!

Boy, that Mitch could barely keep his mouth away from those delicate burga pattiez.  Look at him, trying to vaccum them up!

Here’s the whole happy family, ready to devour.  U know, I never realized how important devouring is to the happiness structure of a family.  Good 2 know!

Another note- I’m glad I cut off tyler’s face in this photo.  Half of it is really ugly!

Amelia was screaming for these dogs all day.  As u can see, she’s still screaming even though she built a satisfactory dog for herself. My dog looked muchhh more deluxe.

U see? It may look a little sloppy but he got it where it counts! Boy, that onion red really took it over the edge.  That’s something Amelia will never understand.

Sorry for the photo blur but whoever took the photo could not afford a second to spare. They were just so eager to eat their burga and dogs. As u can see, I was full of joy myself.

And up next I had my heavenly burga.  Just look at how beautifully I stacked it! Boy oh boy it really did me right!

U may think that i’m a big mouth, but this burga was actually reallly hard to fit in.  It was packed with so many pleasures, I almost sprained my neck trying to take the first bite!! 

Needless 2 say, I ended up eating another burga after this one.  They were 2 good 2 devour only 1!!