Chicken a la Vegis and Broken Nose Tyler

Well. I made a simple chicken and mixed in some vegis.  I believe I don’t need to name them all out because if you have an eye, u can simply C them 4 urself! I placed a nice simple spice on these items.  Blacktop pepper, salt from the Mediterranean, powder from a garlic and leaf of oregano.

Look at that Tyler picking through the plate 4 his green bean! Boy he love a green!

BTW, tyler broke his nose in a Brooklyn Brawl.  That’s why he looks like Mickey from Rocky.  Also BTW, did u know that Tyler and I have the same head size? Circumference-wise, it’s the same. 6 7/8".  

I have a realllly small head. But I have a big brain.  Big thing in a small package!!

Peek-a-boo, I devour 4 u!