A nice egg is one item I realllly enjoy.

I simply cannot get enough! That’s why I made 6. 4 for now, 2 for later! mmmmmm!

Of course, I added in all sorts of fine ingredients. A pepper of 3 (red, yello, green), a mushroom, a onion(red) and a cheese.

I’m not the largest cheese fan in town, but I must say that it was simply delightful.  Look at him string! It’s not gross but quite kool.

BONUS ENTRY: Here’s what I had for breakfast:  However, I couldn’t find any1 to take the photo for me so you’ll have to settle with just the picture of the item itself.

Steel cut oat with walnut, pear, browntown sugar and a touch of vanilla xtrakt.  It was simply ono.

Devour, out!