First food day in Californ-i-a!

Boy, I didn’t know CA was such a pleasureworld.  I wake up and my mom has pancakes on the grill just waiting 4 me! And boy, look at the fixins she supplies!

Boy, this cake really drove me wild! I dove head first and emerged without even a scratch! U can see all the items on there so I don’t need to list them.

After that first cake, I had to eat some more.  But I went for a more traditional approach, instead of a super stack-pile.

Well, U can’t see the cakes, but Look how nice my zone is.  Tree and green all around town! Boy, what a vacation!

And then for dinner, mom built a nice fish gren curry. Just take a look!

It was a real nice display! Gren curry sauce, onion sweet white, red and yello pepper and celerys.  A nice, simple item.

Also came with a grain rice type of thing.  I don’t exactly know what it is but my mom swore by it’s health level.  Also a nice fresh tomato boi! mmmmm!