Fresh choice, eating with poise

Hello my friends, and welcome to the freshest items around! Today my mom and I decided to have a nice pit stop on our roadtrip at a fine and fun establishment, Fresh Choice. I had never been here but my mom was certain that I’d have a blast…

Step right up folks, help yourself to these crystaline items.  If you’ve never been here, they have like 50 different veggis to choose from, and U can go UNLIMITED times for the same price!  

The other nice thing about fresh choice is I could make big movements and be kinda rambunctious and they didn’t mind.  In fact, they liked me all the more for brightening their evening.

At the soup aisle, I managed to strike up a nice conversation with Rigo.  He was the soupmaster but he was anything but a soup nazi.  With a kind smile which would last for a while, he really got excited about my devouring…

Here’s my first course.  The items are: lettuce, tomato, corn, olives,kidney bean, sprout, carrot, onion red, fine grain cilantro on top. I chose the sesame-miso dressing. I also got a cup of new england’s clam chowder.

Forgive my greased hair appearance. It’s not sweat. I just went for an evening swim before supper.

Second course- I loved that pizza but I had 5 slices too many.  The cherry was quite nice though. I had 10 units.

After my mom took this photo, she said ‘Ooohh Kamran, you don’t look very good in that. Let me take another.“ but I stopped her from taking another. Cause u know, I just gotta be real.  I eat my ice cream just like everybody else.  Contrary to popular belief, I’m not some high and mighty foodmin who always looks perfect. Those cookies were super good tho. I ate 12 too many.

I may be the bigtop among carrots but at least I’m no Carrot Top!

Rigo makes another appearance.  Boy he became so excited when I told him how much I enjoyed my feast.  He abandoned his post behind the soup vats and struck a nice pose with me. Thanks 4 the memoriez and the soups, Rigo myboi!