Helloooo Central's-Picnic time!

So Tyler and Amelia. They wanted to make Spam musubis, which are Hawaii’s greatest delicacy.  They’re made of simple item: seaweed outside, rice inside, fried spam.

Meanwhile, Sharon built some of her finest cookies! Boyyyyy they were the greatest hit of the whole day, much less the week!

I was soooo overwhelmed with hungers, I simply couldn’t wait to devour a Musubi! I had to take him on the train, right then and there!

Here u can see the whole group of people enjoying a nice picnic devour! Here I shall name them all, from left 2 right: Sharon, Mitch, Kasra, Anyssa, Roya, Amelia, Samira, Sahba, Nima, Shaadee, Amy, and Tyler and Nabil on the front line. Mmmmmm!

Tyler is actually one of the Musubi’s largest fans. He was dreaming of it’s devouring for years! Lukily for him, Amelia finally built them for the piknik.

As for me, I am not the Musubi largest fan.  Luckily I had a nice salami, cookie, breads, and red lemonjuices!

I hope u enjoyed featuring some friends 2day.  In the future I will include many more indeed!