I know, I know, It’s been a while since my last Kamran Devours post…. But does anyone even look at this blog anymore??  I feel like everyone is tired of seeing me eat nice delightful foods… But maybe not.

Anyway, today I am showing a meal that I am literally screaming for right this moment.  It’s an Indonesian curry that my dad learned while growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia.  

It’s gota really nice beef, as well as carrots, garlic, coconut milk and a bunch of other spices and veggies…(I don’t remember them off the top of my head!) Also, you can’t really tell what’s in it simply from looking at it. It’s not much to look at but boy, the flavour will send u over the edge!!

But man, the flavor is like no curry you'e ever had before.  It cooks for almost 2 hours and It tastes nothing like thai or Indian or Japanese curry.  It just has a real nice je ne sais quoi to it, u know??

My dad likes to include the bone for a little flavor, and then he likes to actually chew on it…Well, almost. 

After the fantasic curry, we devoured a great salad made by Karen.  Boy, What I would give to relive this meal, right this moment! This was my last meal in Laups on the Big Island and I am now sad and hungry in Honolulu. I gotta start cooking!!