I was at the zoo today. Really? Which cage were you in?

Today I put on my finest Zoo-t suit and began a beautiful day at the zoo with Sharon-gurl.

Well, here I find myself on a beautiful saturdy with some very fine supplies.  What do you know, time 2 do a picnic! But what better land 2 picnic than at the Central Park Zoo!

I came loaded with all sorts of treats, as u can behold. Before you go ahead and think that I ate all of those items, that bagel on the left was for Sharon.  But everything else was 4 me of course.

This really was the highlight of my devour.  That yogurt was super fresh and ripe 4 my devour.  I cut up the peach and inserted it amongst yogurt clustures.  Along with my darktop grain bread.

Here’s a nice shot of a battop that I took.  He’s laughing cause I told him that we should HANG out some day. U see the joke?

After I finished browsing the zoo, I really needed some replishment.  However, all I had saved was my darkgrain! So I had to devour it right infront of the 2 Toe sloth.  He was really screaming for a bite but I told him “tough luck, fly boi” and ate the whole thing myself.  It wasn’t bad at all!