In n out of time!

First of all, this post is dedicated to my boy, Nabil.  I went wayyyy out of my way to find an In n out burger, just to devour one of these boiz.

It was pretty simple to decide what to order. Everything is the same item!

I ordered a basic item-Hamburger regular.  I must admit, the staff was very kind.

Hamburga regular.  Well, it just looks like a basic hamburger to me, but let’s take a bite and find out how it results!

Here I delve into my first bite of I N O burga.  And here’s my verdict!

Well, I am not by any means a burga connoisseur, but it tasted very good.  It is definitely fresher and higher grade than an average fast food burger.  However, I do think that it is slightly overrated. I mean, it was good but it didn’t turn my hair blue or anything.  Still, it was a nice treat.  

However, I still have no idea what this animal style thing is…