Just Like a Spring Chicken!

Boy, what a treat.  The Samari sisters came over last night for a feast, and they brought a friend with them- Spring Chicken!

As u can see, he still needed to be prepared.  Thankfully I am roomates with renowned chef and food critic, Nabil Samadani of I Eat Soho.  His blog is a real treat so I suggest u view it at least once or twice a day, after you view Kamran Devours, of course.

Here we find Nabil massaging Spring Chicken while that Amelia haphazardly gulps some fine Spanish olive oil. Caught in the act!

It was all part of a balanced meal. Believe it! Nabil made a nice almond tomato salad and a beautiful browntown rice with cilantroz inside him.

Oh boy, Spring Chicken was so delicate that I simply had 2 change my shirt! I was really sweating out in anticipate of his delectable delicacy!

Boy, Spring Chicken was e-nuff 2 drive NEbody simply mad!