Last Monday Night feast: Salmin Red

If u didn’t know, the redder the bedder.  This fine catch o’ the day was harvested in Costco. Luckily, I am roomates with renowned chef, Nabil S.  Here he is enjoying his creation:

He whipped up some miniature potato with a green in it, as well as a salad item to swim along with this Salmin Red.

Don’t u just get all fired up from the sight??  Hellloooo, delicate! BTW, I been recieving a lot of questions about the words delicate and devour.  If u are unsure about what these words mean, here’s an easy way to figure it out.  

This salmin is delicate:

This salmin is being devoured:

U no?

But sorry Japan and Nabil.  I simply do not care 4 the skins!