Last night was our dear friend Benny’s birthday.  He decided he wanted ot have a Japan night.  We purchased some very fine ingredients from local japanese market, Nijiya and set out to make some deluxe sushis.

On the menu tonight was Tamago, ahi, salmin, cucumber, pickled cucumber, daikon, pickled veggis with ume(plum) and avocado.  You can see the before and after ingredients.  Somehow, we always seem to run out of rice, but while it lasted, it was a real delight. 

You wouldn't believe the delicacy level of all these items, especially the salmin. As I do every time I eat sushi, I was literally screaming while I ate it!  After we finished our delightful meal, we watched the 2003 classic, The Last Samurai.  Boy, what a fine film! If you haven’t already seen it, It will drive you wild!

But the worst thing about making sushi- even to this day, my hands still smell slightly like that salmin.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!