Moishe-The finest Jewish baker

He lives right near that sushitown.  He’s a jolly old Jew and he has the midas touch to turn flour into gold.

Look at those gold bars.

Even his shop is colored in gold! Those boys really loved his supplies.  They’re trying his world famous hamantaschen.  It’s very nice. 

I have his chocolate cigar.  Tyler has a B&W cooie and Roya has some chocolate sprinkler.  Sharon simply has a smile, which is Moishe’s number one wish-for his customers to leave with a smile.

Now I feed sharon a very nice bite of apple strudel.  Boy, u never had one like this though,  The delicacy level is through the roof!

As you can see, I had a happy devour.  Moishe was happy and so was I.