My First Dinner in Heaven

Boyyyy, our friend Roya invited us to come down to her Mom’s house in DC (aka Heaven) last night.  Her mom, Guilda made us the finest persian delights!

As u can see, I was so excited for this feast I could hardly contain myself! I had to rub my hands together in hungry anticipation!!!

U can see all these girls so excited for their delights! They can’t wait to begin the devouring but I told them to give me a photo first.  It looks as though they’re praying, and perhaps they are.  "Thank you God, for bestowing this beautiful treat for us to devour!“ mmmmmm!

And here u can see the finest Addas Polo on display. It came along with a beautiful tadik and salad deluxe!

Well my friends, here we are! Stay tuned for some real nice feasts coming up in the next few posts.  I haven’t updated my blog in a few days because I’ve been distracted by the many pleasures that are to be had here in Guilda and Sohrab’s beautiful house! Oh boy!