Pancake Bluburry During Heatime Fury!

I’m really melting for these cakes! Just look at my hair! And ohhh,  watch me whip that bluburry up!  mmmmm, would you just look at that blub, midair!

I add a nice flax seed to it to really top that cake!  Boy, i’ll tell u one day, u should try my cakes.  They will send u into another dimension!

The finest thing about these boiz: The whole cake itself is blu! I enjoyed this tripple piece very gracefully, as to be expected.

Mmmm, I was in heaven! I plopped down by my AC and devoureeed out! U know the best thing about these cakes? A pure grade A mapile syrup.  Really, it sends the cake over the edge.  If u still stuck sipping that fake syrup, then take it from me-switch out!