Russian Tea 4 u and Me

Well, Sharon and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on sunday.  To celebrate, we decided to devour the finest delicacies that NYC has to offer. Russian Tea Room!

We started out with a fine appetizers - Sharon ordered the crepe with mushroom, goat cheese and lingonberriez.

My appetizer of choice was a beet carrot and spiced borscht.  He came with a little meat-filled pastry. It was quite fine indeed.

I was not allowed to do my usual devouring so I had to sip it with a delicate touch.

Sharon ordered a beautiful veggie ravioli.  It came full of all sorts of nice items in a handsome little package.

Here u can see her looking delicate, taking a forkfull of that raviz!

I made a great decision and choice the hangar steak with brussel sprout and puree celerys.  Boyyyyyyyyy, would u look at him!

It was extremely fine! Honestly the best steak i have ever devoured.  Very juicy and tender but overwhelming with flavours!

For desert, we have a vanilla cheese cake and a chocolate pyramid of mousse.  And boy, do I love pyramids!

I took this opportunity to make my signature frog face. I never feel happy with a meal unless I make a nice frog face at some point.  Thats how u know I have reallllly enjoyed the meal!

Cest Magnifique!