So hot, it blurred out my camera!

Last night was a real sweltering heatstorm! Sharon and I decided to build Ice cream waffles to cool ourselves down a bit.

Unfortunately for you, the heat was so intense that it blurred out all my photos! Just take a look at it! Trader Joe vanilla ice cream is a real champion.  Not to mention a whole grain waffle with blueburys on top of him!

Chances are, it’ll make u cry for a couple reasons-firstly, because U really want that waffle but you can’t have it, and secondly, because u can’t even clearly see me devour it!

Oh boy, did I enjoy that item.  U would’ve been screaming for it!

So now I learn my lesson- Make sure the camera is stored in the freezer before and after taking a photo in this 100 degree heatstorm weathers!