Sushi-roll down to sushi-roll town

It was my friends Mitch and Ty last night in this NYC.  We decided to go to someplace really spectacular for dinner.  This is ½ price sushi house in Low East Side.  Among my top 3 favorite spots in this whole town, mainly because of his price.

Sharon got some vegis rolls.  She doesn’t eat that meat stuff.  And she got that avocado tofu one.  Quite nice.  However, I was sad without anything 2 eat.  

And then Mitch receive his roll.  He got a colored roll full of rainbow, along with a couple more.  Still, I was sad not to get my platter.

And then tyler comes next.  He got a real variety pack.  His tunas look pretty nice.  However, his walrus face is not nice. Luckily for mitch, Tyler couldnt’ see past his tusks, and mitch slipped in his sticks to snatch a roll.

Roya got that green dream roll! It was real deluxe actually.  But then she also got a weird pile of colours.  Idk what that was.  But I remember it tasted nice! However, I still didn’t get my platter yet! It was really killing me out!

But then….

Boy, finally I get my pieces of glory.  They may not look like much, but I really enjoy the ingredients.  I get the orange dragon, which is salmins. And then a salmin avocado, and then a ahi avocado.  The waiter say “ Oh my, you must really like that avocado? hahaha!” and I told him “you have no idea, myboi" 

I wanted to do this fancy interlocking sushi arms.  Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be very magical.

If you’ve never eaten sushi with me, then you don’t know how thrilled I become when I indulge into him.  It really gives me a high, and I feel like i’m the king of the world and my wit reaches another level.  Just look at how good my jokes are when I’m in this ecstasy! 

But every high must be followed by a low. It’s the nature of universe, u know? After my ecstatic indulgence,  I became very lonely and depressed.  My stomich was full but my plate and heart were empty.  

The only thing I could do was to do another joke…

Eating a bunch of that pickled ginger may not sound like much, but it was quite an experience. you wouldn’t believe how your taste buds squeal when u subject them to that pickleds!

Boy, what a beautiful eveninig!