Thaim 4 some noodling around

Last nite, Sharon and I go out to dinner, just 4 pleasures.  We went to Song in Park Slope, and boy, was I singing a happy song!

This is the one Sharon chose.  Pad Thai, the classic choice. And I know what u think: That one looks better than kamran’s one.  But my one was even better still!

Spicy noodle just right 4 me and not too spicy. Boy, U wouldn’t believe the songs this medley sang to me as I devoured it.  Look at all the colors in there-Orange, green, yello, red, creme, egg, chicken… U would be screaming!

I look refined and delicate on the outside, but on the inside I was doing jumping jax and screaming beautiful medleys! Man, even as I view this photo I’m screaming for another bite!!!