There really is nothing like some 2am dogz.

Boy, let me tell u.  Tyler has been screaming and dreaming of some of my signature dogz for over 3 months while he was away in Paris.  So when he finally came home, I decided to build him some dogz.

Tyler didn’t want to eat a whole one himself.  He only took a small nibble so I didn’t even capture a photo of him while he was in his little heavenworld.

Natalie ate the rest of Tyler’s dog. He exclaimed, “It was too potent for me to have more than just a tip of it!”


Amelia was really B-side herself because it was such a nice 1. U can see her look of ecstasy.  

Needless 2 say, the dogz were a great hit.  So what is the special ingredient, u might ask? It was the Trader Joe all natural dogz, of course!