Today is you’re lucky day, folks! Here we have probably my favorite food of all time-Sushi of salmin. 

The trick with sushi is, it’s super expensive if you go out and get it.  If you make it yourself, you’ll spend about $6 for the same quantity that could cost you $15 anywhere else.  This piece was $6 and it was more than enough to feed one person.  A little salmin block goes a long way!

We’re fortunate enought to live 50 feet away from one of the finest japanese grocery stores in town-Nijiya Market.  Their sashimi grade fish is of the highest calibur.

The method is simple.  Buy a super fresh piece, slice it up with a very sharp knife, and place it over rice blox. Making rice blocks is actually the hardest part of the whole process! When you run out of rice, you have some extra salmin pieces so welcome 2 sashimi heaven!

We then put a little touch of wasabi between the rice and salmin, and a nice avocado slice on top, and we’re ready 4 heaven!

Man. I think I could eat this meal every day for a month straight!