U probably sick of seeing me eat Thai. But i'm not!

Tonight we went out to dinner here in San Marcos.  The place of choice was King & I thai palace.

“Pour me another glass, my dear boy”  Thai tea.  It was very nice.  Unsweet.

My mom sipping her tea.  SHe holds it very elegantly.  Now u see where I get my elegance from! Also a set of spring roll.  They were quite nice and boy, I loved those carrot stars!

Before u critisize me for getting my usual Drunken Noodle, think of the age old adage- “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  My mom got a veggi stir fry wtih blacktop pepper and oyster sauce.

Mmmm. now that’s a mouthful! Wheel em’ in! Usually I devour smaller quantities but tonight I actually finished my whole platter, with nothing left! Are u proud of me?

Immediately upon finishing, my mom hands me 2 probiotic capsules and commands me to take them to help digest the foods.  You can see my eyes saying “Ahhh mannn, do I have to mom???”