Want 2 eat a Van Dang sandwich? I rather watch a Van Damme!

A week ago or so, My friend Royis asked if I wanted to try her favorite food item in all of NYC.  A sandwich from this vietnamese place called Van Dang (or something like that).  She has been raving and screaming about these sandwiches for the past year so I finally go to try him, but boy, was I let down.

They all look the same-Pull pork, cilantro, cucumber, carrot and some kidna mayo thing.  a beef one(bottom left) and porto-mushroom (top right) But yes, they all look the same.

U can see him up close here. Doesn’t look like much, ah? Well, it doesn’t have it where it counts either.

It’s with no hands! The sandwich was rather small and that pull-pork is not really my thing, u kno? It was ok, but I rather have a falafel or something.  Sorry Royis! (she will be fuming mad from this post.) 

Afterwards each bite, I had to wash it down with milk.  It was real dry and the bread cut me.  She would recommend it 2 anyone, but i would recommend it only 2 a worse enemy! It takes a different stroke 4 a different folk though.

Here’s that Royis.  She didn’t even want to eat her sandwich! She rather read this fancy chocolate sauce bottle that Amelia bought in france for 10 Euro!

Oh my.