Welcome 2 my all american fat feast!

Oh man. Last night mom and I went to a real All american family food house called Pat & Oscar’s. She had coupons for two free meals so we figured it was time to learn how the other half of the country lives.

Here was my first and second course, layed out nicely for u.  BTW, I just researched the facts for the following items and it really blew me away so I wanted to share it. I will include calorie and fat facts with each photo, for your enjoyment.

Butterd breadstick-240 calorie and 60 fat gram….each stick! What the heck?!?!  These two items could feed a child for a week! Luckily I am no child.  Honestly, the breadsticks were good tho.

greek salad.-340 calorie, fat-23. Jeez.

I couldn’t figure out how to use this redback rib.  I haven’t had ribs for probably like 10 years and now I remmeber why.  Super greasy, slimy and not much meat on it! 320 cal. 32 gram fat.

Be thankful that I took these bullets for your entertainment. I probably added 3 lbs to my body and took 3 years off my life for u!  

Boy, what a mess. U can’t help but get that red grease all over the place, But I guess that’s the fun of it! mmmmm. You can already see those 3  lbs i gained start to take effect.  Well what do u think? does it suit me?

And then I ate my lemon glazed chickens.  I chose the white meat piece.  It was actually really small chunk, and was kinda dry.  But here are his stats: 360 cal, 17 fat.

After that greasefest, I regained my composure and lightly dabbed off the remaining red and lemon sauces before continuing to the finest part of the meal-Dzert!  U can see, I didn’t eat the fries.  I’m not much of a frymin and I saved myself a good 290 calorie and 17 fatz.

Mmmmmm, now this was a sweet piece 4 sure.  This was definately the highlight of my meal, but was also the greatest pitfall into the fatlands- 620 calories and 32 fat grams for the brownie alone!!!! The scoop of ice cream and whipped cream adds on 310 and 14 for a grand subtotal of 930 calorie and 46 fats! hehe.

My grand total for this meal: 2420 calorie and 228 fat grams! Boy oh boy, No wonder I felt like my stomach had a hole in it all night.  Also frightening to note is throughout this meal, I ingested 2520 grams of sodium. That’s actually pretty terrible to imagine. I feel bad for my heart.

Boy, I hope I didn’t bore you with these healthtalks.  Just so u know, I rarely count my calorie or stats, but it was kinda fun and enlightening to see how much a single meal could offer (hurt) me.