Well hello my friends, today my first mate Mitch invited me to sail the Waikiki seas with him.  With Kaptain Kam leading the voyage, We had a real whale of a good time. (unfortunately there were no whales out swimming 2day).

I must come clean with you-There was also not much devouring to be done today.  It was very hard to find a food and a chance on that pleasure cruise.  Considering this, I think I did an ok job of making do with what I had!

You can see two of Hawaii’s finest items- Hawaiian Host chocolate mac nut, and Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange Guava (POG) juice. 

The waves were heavy and the sun was hot, but that island breeze was justtttt right. What a pleasure day! First mate and I had a very nice time, and we met some friends along the way.  She saw me devouring and she simply screamed to be a part of it. (She actually demanded it. But hey, a friend of devouring is a friend of mine, u know?)

Kaptain Kam, out!